Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alan Moore's Continuing Plight

Given that IMDB may very well crash tomorrow, those of us who aren't in that great of a hurry to rush to our local theaters to catch Snyder's efforts may content ourselves with a reading of what we wouldn't see tomorrow if we actually saw the movie. People who have not read the original Watchmen book nor wish to spoil themselves on the adaption would do well by not clicking on the link.

Though in Moore's ideal world, we may see something like this:


  1. As much as all these Watchmutations bother me (see also this, and the Azumanga Daioh mashup Guder WILL NOT be able to resist posting), I gotta say the pic of Glycon in the back makes this one.

  2. IMAX was already sold out by Tuesday. We're going to Dim Sum instead.

  3. Just got back from the film. My expectations were lowered, but even so I found it to be disappointing.