Saturday, March 7, 2009

I refuse to get excited about Madhouse adaptions anymore

But they are, apparently, doing Souten Kouro this Spring.
I vaguely recall them announcing this and concluding that it must be some other Souten Kouro, since King Gonta's name was nowhere to be found, but apparently it was the real Souten Kouro after all.
Which makes the staff listings all the more terrifying. Nothing like "From the director of Initial D! And Trouble Chocolate!" to inspire confidence. Nothing like a stealth air date announcement a month before it fucking starts to suggest it has the kind of budget it needs.

On the other hand, Souten Kouro is so filled with bad assitude it stains your hands. It retells the Romance of the Three Kingdoms with Cao Cao as the hero, and every single panel is dedicated to being as ludicrously awesome King Gonta could actually draw it.
So even if the anime turns out to be shit, perhaps people will actually know the god damn name and be able to read it.

1 comment:

  1. They even have the writer from the Ride Back anime!

    I'll check this anyway, though.