Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nurarihyon no Mago

Or, how not to fucking do anime.
I swear to god, I actually saw someone claim this show was original because the lead character is not a swaggering cocky stock shonen lead. Yeah, wimpy Megane-kun -- the second most popular one-note terrible shonen cliche protagonist -- is SUCH an improvement.
It is very, very, very hard to convince me anything with yokai in it is worthless after only one episode -- I stuck with Kekkaishi, after all, and that manga has a terrible opening.
But Nurarihyon not only has not a single original idea, it doesn't even use GOOD cliches! Every cliche it uses is SHIT! When it even bothers putting in enough work on characterization or plot to rise to the level of cliche!
Most of the fucking characters don't even get sketched in enough to actually become cliches! The entire plot of the episode consists of what any show not written by fuckwits would do as SET UP in the first five fucking minutes, but instead of paying off the set up they just abruptly end the episode as tediously as possible!
Characters that have special powers and want to be normal has always been one of the fucking stupidest cliches out there -- has anyone alive ever fucking been able to identify with this shit? -- but usually they at least both giving a fucking reason, explaining why this character is so desperate to be normal. Nurarihyon clearly has a reason -- Negima...whatever his fucking name is says something about deciding this a long time ago, which will presumably involve a tedious flashback to something really not interesting at some dire point in this dire show's future, but such an impossible stupid cliche really needs to put that stupid fucking reason front and center or the entire show collapses like a pack of cards. Likewise, if the main character's awakening is going to be a central point in the show, maybe it should fucking happen in the first episode. That might be a decent starting point for your stupid story, hacks! Instead, he starts to awaken, and they stop him for no apparent reason! They actually start to introduce the fucking hook, and then decide it's too soon!
Jesus Christ, this better be raping the fuck out of the manga, or I have no idea how the fuck it ever survived in Jump when Jump's fucking canceled everything worthwhile they've had for the last four fucking years.
If you liked this episode, you officially like shit. You eat shit for breakfast, you fucking fecalpheliac. Get away from my blog.


  1. "If you liked this episode, you officially like shit. You eat shit for breakfast, you fucking fecalpheliac. Get away from my blog."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love you, Andrew.

    Can you point out examples of what you think is a good Jump manga? Sometimes I don't even know how some shit survives in Jump. Things like Medaka Box or Bakuman seem fucking horrible to me, and Medaka Box in particular is almost always at the bottom of the Jump list, and while Bakuman isn't doing as bad, it's so fucking boring that I can't believe the editors haven't told them it's just a pack of all their failing as authors. They seem to survive on the author prestige alone.

  2. Since I left Japan, Junboru, Bokke-san, and Samurai Usagi were all pretty fantastic and left out to dry. Gintama and One Piece are probably the best of the old guard. Maybe forgetting a few, but I'm not exactly paying it much attention these days.

  3. "Or, how not to fucking do anime."
    Sounds like the main idea for most of Studio Deen's works

  4. I thought of watching this at first (I love Japanese-styled supernatural stories and youkai to death), but then took a look at who was animating this.
    Studio DEEN.
    Haha, nevermind.
    Those fuckers raped a lot of things to death (Umineko, Higurashi, God knows what else) and then took a piss at the corpse. So I am guessing the manga is slightly better, though who knows . . .

    (and the word is 'coprophagous', btw)

  5. Never read Nurarihyon and I do agree Studio Deen is shit in general but... I thought Bakuman was GOOD?

    Not a fantastic series, but everything in it sounds perfectly sound to me as a comic artist. It's most definitely the artist's greatest work at the very least. There's a lot of fun paneling (it's a great shonen counterpoint to the fucking boring panelling Bleach has) and expressive character art.

    It's a lot less boring and more inspiring than fucking Death Note anyway. I still think that series is shit.