Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey, maybe Princess Resurrection won't suck this time

The first anime was a fucking disgrace, but the new OAV at least has loads of blood!


  1. Yeah, not actually censoring out all instances of blood is a huge step up.

    Still, I dunno if this is really worth the effort. The original anime was tepid enough to make a Hellsing-style total do-over better than a sequel, but it's not like the manga is actually all THAT good. I enjoy it, but there are tons of much more deserving/crazy action-trash manga. Like, Blame could use a another go with an actual budget.

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  3. Dear gawd this shows has a sequel? I just finished the shit show that was the first season although I wish I didn't. If not for my suborn policy of seeing anime all the way through to the end I would of dropped it it half way though or sooner.

    And I'm beginning to think Madhouse is a bit overrated. Specifically looking at the 2004-09 years as right now as I'm chronologically catching up on my anime watching and that's where I' at. Sure they've produced some great hits during that time - Death Note, Monster and Claymore. Though I know others would add Kaiba, Paranoia Agent & Beck They weren't bad but I didn't like the animation used in Kaiba, the sheer randomness of PA that is how the story jumps all over the place(yes I know that was the intent) and I'm not a big fan of the music scene. Going to watch Black Lagoon next but as of now that's only 3 big hits. Then at the same time they made the shit animes known as Princess Resurrection, Strawberry 100% and Galaxy Angel urgh. Pretty much a wash at this point. Imo the biggest reason why they're well regards is simply because of how prolific they are. When you pump out that many animes, your going to get a bunch of hits. But most people thrend to forget the dud probably becuase they drop them quickly. Guess I'm not most people.