Monday, July 5, 2010

Double Zombie Fun Time

High School of the Dead is blast. Normally I'd be turned off by this level of fan service, but they manage to hit the proper Crank-like tone to make it all seem like part of the gratuitous package, and the episode just flies by. If they can keep this kind of pacing up through the whole season, great. If they feel the need to slow things down and focus on the characters, it might fall apart; I think the character stuff in this episode was one step more complicated than it needed to be, which made it feel interesting in the minimal time it got, but I doubt it was original enough to stand up to actual scrutiny. Bonus points for actually using music from 28 Days Later.

Occult Academy sort of surprised me. Since the Anime no Chikara original anime series initiative was zero for two -- I'm not the target audience for Sora no Woto, and Night Raid took an interesting concept and put the audience in a coma -- and this had really drab character designs and a generic sounding concept, I barely even mustered the enthusiasm to give it a shot. But the actual show sort of took me by surprise. I'm having trouble telling if it was actually good or just Kuroshitsuji style unhinged enough to be entertaining, but it never quite went the direction I thought it would, and really sold several big moments. The headmaster accidentally resurrecting his own corpse at his funeral via a tape of his last message to the student body was pure Ghostbusters, and there's an amazing bit with an axe that made me wonder if they'd played Deadly Premonition. And the live action end credits featuring dead children lying in a field is just mind-boggling. Let's hope they're actually going somewhere with this.


  1. The High School of the Dead manga is a good deal of fun from what I read of it over a year or so ago. It's also the only manga that I can recall where the manga-ka literally sent a message to the scanlators: he said that they should encourage their readers to buy the "legal cool comic." The scanlators included the message in all of their releases of the series from that point onwards.

    What music piece did they play? I can't imagine the Godspeed You! Black Emperor piece, as that would be too much...

  2. Yeah, agreed on High School. This is pretty much exactly on my line between "trash" and "fun trash"; I could easily see this getting boring if the pacing slackens, or if they try actually telling a story without the chops to pull it off, but I enjoyed this first ep just fine.

    Is it too tacky to call out Formerly Known As ADV for having such sloppy subs? Eh, I will anyway.

    Haven't watched Occult Academy; wasn't even on my radar, but I guess I'll take a peek.