Friday, February 5, 2010

The return of Luc Besson?

I understand his post-hiatus projects have been underwhelming...but then, some people seem to have found his Joan of Arc movie underwhelming. Do not comprehend.
Either way, this certainly looks more interesting than crap looking kid flicks or self-indulgent black and white romances.


  1. He did a Joan of Arc movie?? I've only really seen Fifth Element, Taken and the Transporter by him. I should check more of his shit out.

  2. Only one of those was by him!
    Transporter 1 is Corey Yuen, 2 is Louis Leterrier, and 3 is Olivier Megaton.
    Taken is by District B13's Pierre Morel, who also did From Paris With Love, but not the sequel to District B13.
    Besson produced all of those because he produces virtually every action movie made in France -- for my money, the most sustained output of quality B action movies since the heyday of Hong Kong. Shame they're so hard to get.
    The actual Luc Besson movies you should see are Leon/The Professional (uncut version) and The Messenger (his Joan of Arc movie.) A lot of people dug Le Femme Nikita as well, so it might be worth a look too.

  3. Olivier Megaton

    That CANNOT be that guy's real name.