Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dulalala!! 06

The Dollars otaku gang hits the spotlight this week.

I pretty much have nothing to say, but was a bit sad they cut the Missing reference along with basically the entire torture scene.
Also, HA, they've switched to spelling her name Celty.


  1. I took a looked at this review of Durarara!! manga, and it sure look a whole lot darker than the anime. I presume that the light novels are even darker than that?

  2. I don't think the anime is at all toned down -- I'm not really sure Izaya's introduction is any worse in the novel version, which the manga follows faithfully.
    The torture scene was cut, though; and even the manga updated the material involved. In the novels, the guy chooses volume six of Missing, and they start getting ready to shove shards of mirror into his eye.

  3. sup andrew

    Dollars member, Erika karisawa, walker yumasaki, Kyohei kadota n Saburo Togusa, are they imigrant???

  4. Nope, hence the Japanese names. Except Walker, obviously; he's half-Japanese.
    Man, I never noticed before...Kyohei Kadota...Kyohei there an homage going on?

  5. Ohohoho

    ara, already read volume 7???
    how about it??