Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dulalala 05

Hell yeah, this was definitely the episode where everything started coming together big time. Which is odd, since this episode is primarily about introducing elements from the second and third novels! I guess we're doing all three books at once.

Kida's little thumbs up there was one of my favorite offhand moments. Saika, like Celty, tends to not screencap well, being mostly inky shadow. With red eyes. There's a decent amount of fan service; walking past dudes in yellow right as Kida is warning Mikado off color gangs...and I'm not sure how many people will connect the dots from the offhand reference to Haruna early on to the actual shot of her in bed at the end. I actually don't remember what role she actually played in the novels, so that one's a mystery even to me.
But yeah, everything really came together beautifully at the end there. Fantastic stuff.


  1. This episode is fantastic.I knew that Kida is not your ordinary bubbly friend,he's more than that.
    One question,which are the true spelling,Yellow Scarves or Yellow Turbans?My subs says Yellow Scarves but the other source says Yellow Turbans,I'm confuse...

  2. Either or.
    Name derives from this. I'd probably go with scarves, personally, as I don't associate the turban with Chinese peasant rebellions.