Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ghibli making a movie of The Borrowers

Fuck yes.
I read the shit out of the entire series as a kid. Even went to see the movie with Jim Broadbent as the Dad -- was actually pretty damn good, not that anyone else saw it.
Should fit right in with Ghibli's style, too.


  1. Never seen it.

    What's the basic schtick? The usual Ghibli fare of a plucky girl against all odds and an environmental message of some sort?

  2. It will probably end up like that. Borrowers are the reason your things always go missing; tiny people that live in the walls of your house and scavenge things. More about family than the girl alone. The books tended to minimize actual humans, but the movie had John Goodman as an evil man trying to tear down the house where they lived. I imagine the Ghibli movie will include something similar.

  3. I think I remember seeing trailers, at least.

    Well, it's Ghibli, so I'm sure it'll be pretty damn amazing. I'd still like to see them do something new, though.

  4. Awesome news. I haven't read any of the books, but I did see the John Goodman movie as a kid, so this news gave me a pretty sweet nostalgia/Ghibli fanboy moment. You're right Andrew; this is right up Ghibli's alley. Very cool.

  5. I remember having read these books, but not a dang thing about them.

  6. I remember the aesthetics and the characters, but not the plots.
    Guess what I expect Ghibli to keep.