Friday, December 25, 2009

Dulalala 6

Man, was this a long, intense churn. Narita is not the kind of author who generally goes for lengthy, character-arc focused writing, but in between all the sword fights and car kicking and parkour, Dulalala 6 boils down to a slow burn effort to shift Mikado's character from a passive to a proactive role in the series. Honestly, for a while there I wasn't sure he was ever going to pay it off. It's not until the last few pages of the book that the other shoe finally drops...and we have to wait till Dulalala 8 to find out where he's going with THAT. (Dulalala 7, out early 2010, is supposedly random side stories.)
While I think I tend to prefer Narita in his less ambitious crazy good time mode, I definitely dig it when he reaches a bit higher, and pulls it off.


  1. Thank you, I'm curious as to what exactly going on on the cover; are you averse to giving spoilers?

  2. I'm not even sure Suzuhito Yasuda reads the novels he illustrates. The cover has pretty much nothing to do with the plot; I don't even think those three characters are ever together. It's just atmospheric image art.

  3. AAaaa what do you mean 'THAT' eh???

  4. Spoilers!
    The book ends with Mikado stabbing the leader of the Blue Squares in the hand, and taking over his gang.

  5. Haaa???

    Eaa soo Mikado=Dollars take over BS and BS become Dollars????

    so i hear about Kida are leader of Yellow sCarff~~~ is true eh?

  6. This has been a point of confusion on forums, so let me clarify -- Mikado isn't the leader of the Dollars. He's the creator of the Dollars. He specifically created them so they can't have a leader.
    Blue Squares was created by a kid who befriends Mikado in novel four. When he saw things going South for Blue Squares, he and his core friends stepped aside and let his older brother take over; his older brother clashed with Kida and the Yellow Scarves, and they ended up merging into the group that gives everyone problems in novel three, when Kida comes back to the group and has to clean house a bit.
    Ejected from the Yellow Scarves, the old Blue Squares leaders quietly start calling themselves Dollars, and starting fights with Saitama Bosozoku in Dollars name. The kid (forget his name, sorry) essentially challenges Mikado -- the former Blue Squares are going to destroy the Dollars, or Mikado can become the leader of the Blue Squares, and use them to defend the Dollars. It's pretty obvious he's setting Mikado up, and stabbing him through the hand is Mikado trying to take control on his own terms. How much of that is Mikado's own will, and how much of it is Izaya playing him like a puppet for six books? That's the real key to the future of his character arc.

  7. :O

    i have many question there

    er he's on this phrase "he's setting Mikado up" is that kid right???
    the old BS leader is that kid???

    so izaya the real one cause trouble to yellow scarves, dollars, n blue square to fight each other??

    and then about anri, WTH is she??

    until this volume 6, kida,mikado n anri still dont know about each other dark side right?

    volume 7 is still not out???

  8. The kid/ex-Blue Squares leader is setting Mikado up; he and Izaya as similar types, and are clearly going to wind up fighting over who manipulates Mikado.
    Anri is infected by a sort of magic sword named Saika. Saika spreads itself by wounding others, and then takes control of their minds. They can then produce swords from inside their bodies. But Anri's unique lack of self-esteem allows her to take control of Saika, and the other people infected by Saika all report back to her (or at least, do after the second novel.)
    After volume three, the three of them all suspect there's more going on, and I think everyone sort of knows about Kida, but they've yet to sit down and really talk about it because Kida is in hiding.
    Volume seven is out, but I haven't read it yet. No money.

  9. ara.. thanks alot

    wounding others eh
    that mean they have many follower eh
    like parasite???

    Kida is in hiding???
    from what???

    i wonder what will happen if all three of them face each other in their dark side mode.