Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eve no Jikan, Episode 06

The sixth and (so far) last episode of Eve no Jikan is concerned with the question of robot loyalty and contradictions of the first two laws of robotic, avoiding staleness by making it more personalized. Masaki's father is involved in an ethics committee that is currently challenging questionable robot and human interaction. A sordid history of the group as a strict anti-robot collective is briefly detailed throughout these thirty minutes, with most of the attention focusing on Masaki's misgivings about any kind of real relationship with a robot.

Compared to the ridiculous episode four, this is a tonal continuation of five with the seriousness ratcheted up to eleven. One traumatic morning of an apparently broken friendship has left Masaki estranged from his own robot. Unexpectedly, there is a resolution that brings together this and the aforementioned ethics committee thread. Thankfully, before Yoshiura loses sight of the series' predominant appeal, he subverts the melodrama with a concisely-placed joke about stairs and robots, and ends the last few minutes on a fairly up-beat note.

Even if it's not the most ideal exit from the café -- with no certainty of returning to it -- it's a satisfying one.

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