Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tatami Galaxy 4

I am officially bored. I said the show was going to have to figure out a way to vary the formula and keep things interesting, but it has absolutely failed to do this. There are moments of insane, beautiful genius peppered liberally throughout it:

...but I just don't give a shit.
I basically think exactly the same thing as I did with Trapeze -- taking insanely talented directors like Yuasa and Kenji Nakamura and forcing them to fritter away their talent on third-rate books not worth filming by authors not worthy of licking the boots of these creative giants is doing both the bootlickers and the visionary directors and the Noitamina audience a huge disservice. Let these people make their own shows! Stop wasting them on adaptions of books that don't bring in an audience anyway!


  1. Part of me feels the same way and I could sort of half-care less about the material.

    Honestly I'm still greatly enjoying the show, but this show is coming in at an emotionally hard time for me as an artist so I could be biased.

  2. Haven't seen episode four yet, but I can understand the apathy. I'm still enjoying it a good deal so far, but it hit me right at the end of episode three -- with the same reversed revolutions of the clocks -- that this isn't going to work unless Yuasa really shows some notable progression. Right now, I can't imagine re-watching it.

    Fuck, I can't even imagine the tedium Endless Eight must be...

    I eventually accepted Trapeze as a sitcom, so I eventually grew to enjoy it. Would've like to have seen more atypical episodes like episode 13, where the brilliance from Mononoke started to reappear again...