Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Secret of Kells

In limited release around the country now. Absolutely amazing; so absurdly beautiful I came out angry with reality for not looking as nice.


  1. Indeed. I loved this movie without reservation.

    It was not only gorgeous and incredibly magical, but it also wasn't interested in resolving the story to give a simplistic moral for children or something. You don't learn the true meaning of friendship or courage or any shit like that. Stuff just happens and sometimes it's funny, scary, awe-inspiring or just heartbreaking.

    Also, the film managed a surprising task of demonstrating just how incredibly mind-blowing those illuminated texts must have been for people living in that time. It's easy to understand why they would have been religious experiences.

  2. Wow, I was not expecting that to be about the actual Book of Kells (well, sort of). That does look pretty spiffy.