Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homunculus 10 would be hard to translate

After what seems like nigh on a year of release date changes (even more than usual) Homunculus 10 finally comes out, wrapping up the Guppy storyline.
This volume in particularly really hinges on some uber language specific things; not only the main character sliding back into a Northern accent, but the other character (I totally failed to pick up their names this volume, having forgotten them in the delay) slowly adjusts his language as he gets drunker and drunker, until he is using entirely women's language.
Hilariously, they're claiming the next volume will be out in December. I predict it has more chance of coming out in December 2010...but perhaps they are one step ahead of me, seeing as they fail to specify a year.
Homunculus is a triumph of decompression, and clearly the work of a notorious perfectionist, so I've pretty much adopted a policy of assuming the first solicitation of a volume will inevitably be canceled.

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