Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching up on Soul Eater

I couldn't work out how I'd managed to get three volumes behind on a book I like as much as Soul Eater. When I actually sat down with the pile, intent on catching up, I realized I had managed to stop just before the climax of the Arachnae plot...which is still going strong. Apparently we've got another volume...or two, you never know. But I think we're just down to the Maka and Soul side of things, so probably only one.
With a big battle centric arc, we certainly see Soul Eater at it's most conventional...and get to enjoy how breezily he overcomes that. Few other artists are as willing (or even capable) of employing as varied a range of art styles as Okubo. Actually, I'd go so far as accusing him of having assistants draw certain sections on their own because he thought their art style would make for a neat effect.

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