Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Bakemonogatari trailer

Hunh. None of those voices are working for me at all (too generically anime) and Meme's character design is so fucking young I didn't even recognize him (seriously, motherfucker is a middle-aged homeless dude with a gut, not a fucking surfer) so I can't say it's really encouraging.


  1. I'm looking forward to this a bit less now. The first trailer was fairly interesting, but this came across as some generic cookie cutter anime, like Nishio and Shinbou simply cancelled each other out and became normal. I guess it didn't show enough to get an idea of what the anime will be like overall, but it's definitely not encouraging.

    And what the fuck did they do to Meme? And why?

  2. Hm. From the looks of things, Bakemonogatari may not be filled with Shinbo's usual excesses. This is a promising sign, so maybe I will check out at least one episode.

    Then again, it also looks like it be mediocre just like everything else Shinbo has done. Perhaps I should instead limit myself to checking out only half of the first episode and hope the series will have the decency to meet me halfway.

    While we're on the subject of NisiOisin adaptations, there's a website for Katanagatari now.

  3. Putting aside the fact that Katanagatari is one of his weakest works (the action focus might make it work better as an anime, though) they've really failed to capture Take's designs.
    I mean, the fucking covers are right there on the damn website, and you expect me to accept removing the god damn crazy looking cross from the girl's eye? Way to generic it up.
    And a director and writer who have done nothing of note. Mediocrity stamped all over it.

  4. As much as I love the voice actors employed in this project, they do sound detached in the trailer. Maybe it'll work better in the actual episodes, though. Hopefully. With a bit of luck. Possibly.

    Still, Poyoyon Rock!!!!!!!!!!1111111