Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kino's Increasingly Irrelevant Travels

Just how out of ideas is Sigsawa? He did three volumes of his new series without a blessed thing of interest happening, and now he shits out a Kino no Tabi book with ONE damn story worth reading. And even that one would have been a mildly interesting quickie in his heyday.
Whatever good will that story briefly generated is instantly dissolved by the blood boilingly bad story about a country that only had four wheeled cars and two wheeled bicycles, in which a fucking endless number of people decide to make a decision based on which of the two passes by outside only to have Kino and Hermes pass instead. A few of these, and then something clever dealing with how they react? Sure, a good story. But no, we just get fucking twenty of them and then the fucking story ends. Insultingly bad.
I dunno if he's just gotten protective or what. Half the best Kino no Tabi stories were always ones where she was unrelentingly vicious, but she's been neutered to the point of not even having a personality for ages now, even with Sigsawa attempting to cast her as the villain in a story last time around. Nothing happens in her stories; only the Shisho and Shizu stories contain anything remotely like an event.
It gets so bad he actually fucking does a god damn alternate realty story this time around - a fucking story about a slave who fails to warn his owners that they're about to eat poison, then finds a fucking talking motorrad that correctly realizes what the owners never did - the slave is a girl. (On the last page, Kino and Hermes find the bodies, so I suppose it technically isn't an alternate reality, but still, the parallels were obvious, and all the more fucking inept because of it.
Man, I hope Sigsawa pulls out of this slump soon. It hurts to watch him embarrass himself like this.

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