Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Manga: The Complete Guide

So the post with the Bondage Fairies reviews reminds me that I should probably do a quick, obligatory post about my involvement in Manga: The Complete Guide.

My friend Jason Thompson (who I ran into way back when because we were both big into the Kult RPG - still such a shame that died again) asked me to work on it a while back now. He was putting together this massive book to give brief reviews of every manga published in English and he wanted me to help.

Specifically, he wanted me to review the hentai manga.

Apparently he'd been reading my reviews/rants on my livejournal account and wanted someone who could write something funny (and often snarky) but still be able to actually consider the books for what they were: porn.

A waist-high stack of hentai manga later, I became an "expert on Japanese porn comics." A very illustrious title, I know. All it really did, though, was give me a frightening peak at the repressed Japanese id and enamor me of the short, 500-words-or-less review. Helped inspire me to get around to doing this blogination as well.

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