Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun

When I saw the names Go Nagai and Yoshihiro Yonetani together, I figured they'd produce something absolutely batshit.
Was not disappointed.

I'd seen the recent Enma-kun OAV, which was a fairly disastrous attempt to gritty up the property; Yonetani, naturally, embraces Go Nagai's penchant for cringe-worthy humor with such gusto that I found it hard not to laugh, even when the heroine is doing a pee dance, or the old lady at the sento is swinging her tits around. And the monster of the week spawning a giant metal cock for Enma to sword fight is pretty much awesome by any standard.
Objectively, this is not at all a good show, but the unique energies of these two madmen seem to feed off each other fairly well; if the opening above gets you wet, then FUCK, watch it.

We also checked out the first episode of Tiger and Bunny, which was fun; let's hope they don't hit the workaholic dad has no time for his kid cliche too hard, because the corporate sponsored heroes working for points on a reality TV show premise is working for me better than I expected.


  1. I've always got time for Yonetani, though nothing he's done since Gaogaigar has quite lived up to it. Come to think of it, I need to finish watching Brigadoon.

  2. So far my favorite show of the new season, watching reminded me of Gegege no kitaro or Jigoku sensei nube. I miss this type of occult/fantastic kids series with a traditionnal/folklore background. A bit of immature, 'dirty' humour on screen, typical of Go Nagai's Harenchi Gakuen type of works, is a breath of fresh air, too.

  3. Mm, I'm not really feeling Tiger and Bunny yet. It's hitting a lot of classic Stan Lee superhero beats, but I've kind of ODed on those. That Pepsi ad is amazingly meta though, I almost have to respect their sheer ballsy huckstering. Which is also in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

  4. I definitely agree, which is why I'm low balling it for now; it is well done, and I was tickled by how Katsura designs wind up looking modern and fresh.

  5. I also wonder, given the surprisingly good English text in the show, if it's an intentional joke that the guy with fire powers is also totally flaming.