Thursday, November 11, 2010

Several Layers of: Wait - What?

Apparently Battle Royale is getting a 3D make-over for it's 10th anniversary, and it's finally being licensed for the US.

It hadn't been released already? Even the book came out here.

3D? Really? How is after-market 3D going to be anything other than an excuse for a re-release?

And holy shit, it's been 10 years already? Insane. I still remember how excited we all were when we first saw the original movie. It really was incredible...

Now I just feel old.

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  1. Wait, if BR's never gotten a US release, what's the deal with this?

  2. That looks like an all-region disc from Toei, not technically US distribution, I guess.

  3. Not released in the US unless you count every Hot Topic. Not that I've been in one recently, but the few times I've been dragged there they had Battle Royale and Suicide Club in piles.