Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Satoshi Kon dies

From here.

Got a text about this a few minutes ago, and it still doesn't feel real. Don't know what to say...


  1. I just read about it a few minutes ago
    It saddens me that a talented guy such as him died so young

  2. He prepared a fairly lengthy statement about his final months; his website is down from the traffic, but if you read Japanese, you can read it here: http://yuzuru.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/animovie/1281116342/96-
    The general gist -- told on May 18th the cancer had moved to his bones and he had only a few months to live. Nearly died a month ago but somehow hung on a little longer. Managed to get himself moved to his home to die in his own bed. Told almost no one; wanted to go public and talk about it but was worried the news might have a detrimental effect that would inconvenience people he felt indebted to. Didn't even tell his parents until he was unable to walk. Was very worried that his last movie could never be completed without him, and all the work done would go to waste, but Maruyama from Madhouse promised they'd get it finished somehow. Thanks his wife and the people who cared for him in his last days.

  3. Or the official version of the statement here:

  4. Damn...I had a feeling it was cancer.
    And so it goes.