Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Western-contracted anime omnibus

In what seems to be a fashionable trend, yet another Western pop-culture property is getting Animatrix-ized (there's got to be a better term for that - "anime omnibus" just doesn't seem to cut it either.

While I'm morbidly curious about the game, I can't say that this trailer makes the project look too interesting. The Animatrix was awesome, I hear good stuff about the Batman anime omnibus and I'm excited about the possibilities of Halo: Legends, but this trailer looks rather like most Ameircan straight-to-DVD animated projects (i.e. kinda crap).

I do like the intent of actually tying products like these into animated projects (EA did something similar with Dead Space) as it's likely the only hope I see for America growing a stronger animation market for adults, I haven't been too impressed with the offerings so far.

Part of the strength of projects like these, however, is that each segment is short, so if you don't like one of the stories, you don't have to wait too long to move on to something that might be better. The flaws of one individual piece doesn't drag the whole project down.
via Kotaku & Joystiq


  1. I am not even vaguely interested in the actual game, but that's a whole 'nother tangent about how there are practically no PS3/360 games that appeal to me at all.

    And I expect this tie-in to have all the the production quality and fine attention to detail implied by a trailer that misspells one of the names it's attempting to drop.

  2. It's a God of War clone from the studio behind Dead Space, which is a double whammy of fucking unbelieveably terrible games that I literally am unable to fathom why so many people like.

  3. I'm mainly interested just because the idea of taking the fucking poem and creating an ultra-violent action game out if it makes me want to laugh out loud every time I even think of it.

  4. The fact that they're likely not even bothering to make a GOOD ultra-violent action game tips it over into the "bitter tears of anger" zone.

  5. You might be a bit biased, what with your fundamental hatred of the God of War foundation.

    It's not even out yet - the word I've seen is that it's pretty good. A complete clone/rip-off of God of War re-skinned by Wayne Barlowe, but still good.

  6. It's not even out yet - the word I've seen is that it's pretty good

    As you say, if that word is from people who think God of War is a well-designed game in any way, I shall feel free to disregard it.

  7. Yes, I suspect that is a rather safe assumption.

    Maybe I'll get it - we'll see. Then you can torture yourself with it if you ever visit.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll just release a demo that will save me the $60.

  8. Copying the structure of a shitty game pretty much implies that the things that were shitty about that game will be inherited. Although allowing camera controls and replacing the broken block pushing with more fighting might move it up to tolerable, QTE-riffic boss fights are still only marginally less painful than boss fights where there's only one way to win and it is secret.
    And this is by the monumental retards who made Dead Space, which is a sure sign of shit even if it was based on the best fucking game ever.

  9. There's quite a few things I'll disagree with you guys, but I'm glad that someone out there agrees that God of War is a finely-honed and well-polished piece of shit.