Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ghost Hound, episode 13

Ghost Hound continues: questions are answered but (of course) mysteries only deepen. The kids continue experimenting with astral projection and achieve greater control over their spiritual forms. The link between projection and memory appears to be deepening, with Taro delving into his own mind, it seems. Meanwhile the Ogami family hints are dark secrets and Masayuki's father seems to be getting himself into some complicated trouble with a romance with one of Taro's doctor. Miyako is briefly possessed by some spirit talking about leading both good and evil to its end with but a word...

There's really little point in trying to summarize the events in recent Ghost Hound episodes. If I'm not going to sit down and try to pick it all apart, it won't make much sense. Like the audio beauty of the show, it's really an experience. It's still unclear how everything will tie together, or even what the fulcrum of the show itself will end up being, but it is clear that the kids are at the center of a growing storm and the threads of their family's histories are weaving together tighter and tighter.

Strongly recommended for any anime fan who likes something to think about and ponder. A rare show with subtle, power and depth, Ghost Hound stands up to examination and masterfully continues to dole out just enough information to keep the viewer satisfied while constantly adding new mysteries and hinting at far more than it says flat-out.
based on 13 episodes : ANN : Wikipedia : YouTube

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